Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gretchen the dog of many talents

So my mom's oldest dog Gretchen has done many things in her 11 talent filled years. She has done agility, had a stint as a tracking dog with search and rescue has taken to dancing in nursing homes and now she is trying her skills on a movie career. There is a movie about a dog walker that is filming a bit in Spokane, the dog walking bit in fact. Gretchen gets to be one of the walkers. Tomorrow will be her first day of filming. I am glad to say she is not letting all the new excitement go to her head. Here are a few pictures of the cutie

Gretchen and Ana dancing. Gretchen is in the pink

Gretchen and a few of her movie star friends

So the last picture is what it looks like when you have 8 dogs and one poor dog walker. I got to be the person trying to walk a pack today and let me tell you it is a real work out. I will keep you posted on how Gretchen's filming is going.