Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sitting on Cloud Nine

During this past year I had a few BIG projects that I accomplished. The biggest was finally making a set of cushions for the rocking chair. A chair that I also used, without cushion, to rock my first two babies. I also made a new cover for the couch.

For the rocking chair cushion, I went to Jo-Ann, and purchased the firm 3 inch foam. Then I had to figure out the measurements and how to cut through the foam. One time while at Jo-Ann I noticed them cutting it with an electric carving knife. Brilliant, but not a tool I have on hand. I did have a pair of really sharp scissors though that I used to slice through it. The foam was not quite the right size for the back of the rocking chair and I had to add an extra 3 inches. I secured it with a set of wooden chopsticks from a local restaurant. Rather like how a headrest is attached in a car. Then I created a protective liner for the cushions and finally the cover.
The couch cover was much easier. Since the couch is also a futon. I basically just made a fitted sheet for it. The rainbow cloud material is a fleece. I also have a laminate layer on the couch cover to protect from kid messes. The whole thing can easily be tossed in the washer and dryer.

It was a fun project and it is so nice to finally have some padding on the rocking chair. For years it was just old blankets or pillows.

Many blessings this fine day.--Kate

Friday, February 17, 2017

Can You See Me Now?

We have found the best place to get haircuts. I know that this can be a challenging experience for some. For the first few years of haircuts with the kids I just did them myself. I also have been cutting my own hair for the last 10 or so years. Then just about a year ago we discovered that one of the moms at my daughter's dance school is an instructor at The Beauty Institute. Most of the girls in my daughter's dances got their hair and make-up done there for their pictures and again for the recital. Then this past summer my oldest boy and I went there to get our haircut.

We love this place. It is inexpensive haircuts done by students. Now remember my hair styling needs are not super exacting, considering I was cutting my hair for so long. They do a really great job though. They are fantastic with the kids. With my curly hair they are always grateful for the practice and equally glad that I am not super concerned about the results. Though they truly do a wonderful cut. My daughter does not get much cut, though she would rather be adventurous, because of needing to put her hair up for dance. Every time she goes she still gets the full treatment, hair washed, cut and styled. She really knows how to get the most for the money. It does not hurt that they think she is quite cute.

So here they are, the before and after of the haircuts for the big kids.

Many blessings this fine and hairy day.--Kate

Thought the baby did not get a haircut he is super cute so here are a few of him.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Photo Captions

So, I thought we could play another game. Recently I was looking through the many photos I have of the kids and I came across one of my favorites. It makes me laugh every time. It also makes me wonder what in the world was going on in that moment. This was a picture my husband took while out shopping. Knowing my kids, (and my husband,) I can imagine what he said to them just before taking this photo. What I want to know though is what you think.

I am going to post a series of funny kid photos, my funny kids of course, and I want to know how you would title them. So many of our most precious moments can be captured in the funniest of photographs. Here are a few of mine.

Many blessings this fine and funny day.--Kate

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Of Valentine's Day Past

It is interesting that my family's Valentines Day tradition of making cards for the neighborhood and friends began because of this blog. My Saturday's Surprises were an opportunity for me to remember to spread gratitude and love. That first year of my blog project, Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday. So I thought it would be fun to make Valentines for our whole block and a few extra for family and friends. Then we walked around the block to each door handing out surprises and good cheer. We had a lot of fun and the tradition was born.

So even though I was not posting this past Valentine's Day, (2016,) the tradition continued. We made a new set of cards and walked around the block handing them out. We also found that our list of friends to make them for had grown, just like it did this year.

So here are a few of the cards from last year. The hedgehog card was a special made card for a friend in Seattle who really likes Sonic the Hedgehog. It was for a Valentine swap. We received a beautiful hand crafted paper heart ornament.

Did any of you have special Valentine's Day activities, traditions or gifts?

Many blessings this fine day.--Kate

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I have always thought of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to let the people in my life know I love them. My mom and dad always made it a really special holiday. It is also a fun time to pull out the crafting supplies and have some fun.So I have a great fondness for this holiday.
My daughter would have the whole neighborhood over for parties and performances every night. She is a kid that oozes love and delight for other people. So for Valentine's Day in 2015 we started a special family tradition. We do handmade Valentine's for family and friends per usual, but we also make Valentine's Day cards for our entire block. Then we go door to door sharing a little love with our neighbors. It is probably about 40-45 houses. This was our third time. This year we handed out the most to date. I would say over half of the homes had someone there to receive a Valentine.
The kids look forward to it each year, but so do the neighbors. For many it is the only Valentine they receive. Each year we get lots of thank yous, smiles and get the chance to meet new neighbors. Our list has also gotten longer each year as we continue to add new friends and loved ones. 

Many blessings this fine love-filled night.--Kate

Monday, February 13, 2017

Heart Hand Warmers

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, and because of the winter chill, we made heart shaped hand warmers at MOPS last month.

Each heart is made with a muslin liner that holds 1/3-1/2 cup rice. The rice can be scented with your favorite oils for relaxation. We had lavender available at our meeting. Once filled the liner is stitched up and then a felt heart is sewn around it.

Some of the moms at group personalized their hearts by adding embroidered images or felt embellishments. Some had a different color front and back or tied off the embroidery floss with a tiny bow. However they personalized them they all turned out cute.

It was also the perfect craft to work on while chatting. Which was helpful because it had been over a month since our last meeting and there was a lot of catching up to do.

Many blessings this fine frosty day and my your fingers always stay warm.--Kate

Sunday, February 12, 2017


We had a day spent relaxing and enjoying friends. I hope your was equally blessed.

Many blessings this fine night.--Kate