Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Christmas

Today we had our first Christmas celebration of the season, as so often happens when family is scattered far and wide. Today was a celebration with family on Rob's side. It has been a weekend filled with fun traditions and some new adventures. The festivities officially kicked off with trimming the tree. An opportunity to share with the next generation the memories held in those lovely bits of wood, metal and glass. Including the first ornaments that trimmed the first tree that Gram and Grandpa had when first married. They were hand painted wooden ornaments hung on a tree with popcorn and paper garlands. That first tree was about as tall as my youngest (three feet.)

Today was the day that stockings and presents were opened. Yes, Santa found us even for this early celebration. We told our kids that Santa makes sure to find all families that are celebrating Christmas, even if they have to do so on a day that is not exactly Christmas. This was the first time that they both truly understood that treasures lie hidden within those colorfully wrapped packages, so they had a hard time being patient while gifts were being handed out and they wanted to "help" everyone open theirs. 

It was a wonderful holiday weekend, the perfect start to the Christmas season and an excellent time spent with family. 

Many blessings to you this night.--Kate