Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long Time

So it has been months and months, and much has happened.

We have been surviving an exceedingly snowy winter here in North Idaho. Finally all is melting and it feels like spring is around the corner. Yea!

Also after the death of our dear Meggie in November.

We have had three new additions to our home.
Toby: a spunky Shet Tzu
Muggles: our beautiful tuxedo cat

and Mandisa (Mandi) our sweet Egyptian princess.

Life has been very busy for the past 21 days, as I have been in the middle of a huge fund raiser for my church. Flocking peoples yards with pink flamingos in fact. Let me tell you these bright pink yard ornaments are even brighter in all the snow.

It has been a very successful and fun way to raise funds. This particular fund raiser is to help get our youth to Mexico this summer for a mission trip. So far after 21 days we have raised $2, 500.00, the response from the community has been amazing. In fact we were suppose to end after 18 days but there were still so many people on our list who were waiting for the flamingos we decided to keep going for a bit longer.

My hope is to be a little more faithful in getting updates in here, but the reality is that my schedule will only be filling up more as I head into the spring and finally the summer months. So my goal is to at least get updates in here more often then once every 6 months.
We shall see.