Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another Fun Sunday.

Almost exactly two years ago. We surprised the kids by taking them to see "Cinderella" at the theater. I figured my girl would be most excited about the "Frozen Fever" short at the beginning, but actually loved the whole experience. Her brother was probably a bit young and got quite restless before the end. Both were very well behaved and we took them to several more movies after that before their baby brother was born.

Well now, two years later, the new "Beauty and the Beast" is in theaters. This time the girl and I are going to go on a mommy-daughter double date with a dance buddy and mom who have both become good friends. This is only one of two activities my girl has on the calendar for tomorrow. She is also going to a painting event with Grammy. I am excited to share all the detail tomorrow.

Also the Sloths are done and will be hitting the road on Monday for their new home.
Many blessings this fine, misty afternoon.--Kate

Friday, March 17, 2017

Newest Restaurant in Town is Called "Red"

Thursday was a long, strange day, but it had the sweetest ending. My husband and I got to try out a new restaurant. It was not quite a date night as baby was at the table with us. The dining was casual, the seats were small, the menu was limited and the wait staff/owners were clearly trying their best, but could have used a bit more experience. At one point my husband had to go to the kitchen with them to wash a few plates and work the microwave. Boy were they cute though, and the effort was not missed by us. The menu was hand lettered and surprisingly easy to read. The decorations were hand crafted, and thankfully stayed put during the entire meal.

Though it was a bit rough around the edges, the entire meal was well thought out. There were complimentary chips and salsa waiting on our table when we arrived. The baby had toys to play with in his clever seat/corral and we had a nice selection of books and other reading material brought to our table while we waited for our meal. There were three entree options, spaghetti, pizza and sandwiches with a variety of vegetable sides and ice cream for dessert. We were offered "whatever was in the refrigerator" to drink, which actually boasted a fairly good selection. Once all the meals were warmed and brought to the table the wait staff/owners joined us for the meal, which gave it a really cozy "at home" feel. Sadly my husband and I did have to bus our own table and I did get roped into scooping the ice cream, but I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite meals. Hands down a wonderful evening, good food and charming company. I would highly recommend "Red" to anyone who loves their servers a bit short (and inexperienced), their meals to be leftovers and the intentions to be truly heartfelt.


Many blessings this fine, flavorful day.--Kate

One thing you must understand about my daughter, she spends much of her time dreaming up elegant events, moving musicals, touching theater and champion community celebrations. All of which "must" happen at the very last minute. In the last year alone, we have delivered Valentines to the block, had a lemonade/snack stand, had a Christmas concert (with Grammy and my sisters family), had a band concert, pulled all the dining room chairs together for a fashion show/dance performance, had a wedding for our two cats, (including outfits and photographers,) and so much more that I can not even remember right now. This girl keeps my life interesting.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sweet Siblings

I have been thinking a lot about siblings in the last two days.Thinking about how much I cherish and miss my siblings. My big brother who lives clear across the country in Boston, and who I have not seen since my little sisters wedding four and a half years ago. Though my sister lives much closer, I still do not see her as often as would be nice or talk with her as much as I should.

I spend much of my time marveling at the sibling relationship growing, changing and strengthening between my three kids. Sometimes in the small quiet moments when the oldest two are coloring pictures for one of their frequently planned event extravaganzas, or helping in bath with their baby brother. Sometimes in the loud moments when they're playing imagination games. My daughter nearly brought me to tears when she cheered her brother on for being brave enough to swim with his face in the water. Most nights the baby wanders up the stairs with the big kids as they are getting ready for bed. Just to be with them a little longer. Once they are securely tucked in he wanders back downstairs to start his own bedtime routine. These three are amazing and it is my strongest desire that they always find reasons and time to love and support each other.
The biggest reason siblings are on my mind though is because my mom's brother is dying. My sweet Uncle Butch. A man I had the privilege to get to know better during my college days. Who rejoiced when learning I was going to marry and gave my soon to be husband a hard time about being sure to treat me right. He and my Aunt Sheila always opened their home to us when we where traveling and visiting in the area. He delighted in each of my three babies and they still welcomed our growing, rowdy, noisy family into their home. He has meant the world to me, so I can not even imagine how my mother feels.
My mom is the only girl with three brothers. Sadly this is not the first brother they have lost. Thirty years ago this fall, their middle brother passed. My grandfather was in the military, so my mom (and her brothers) moved a LOT as kids. Her siblings would be the only friends she could take with her. To all those new states, new cities, new schools, new neighborhoods. Through all those "new" experiences her brothers would be there with her. I realize by this point in their lives they have grown up, grown away, grown their own families and watched those children have children of their own. Still a sibling is your first friend, the first to know who you really are and choose to love you anyway.
Many prayers and blessings this fine and reflective night.--Kate

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mystery Novel Shawl

I really enjoy reading mystery novels, I also really enjoy knitting. A few times now I have read knitting novels. One series I have been enjoying, is the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries, by Maggie Sefton. At the end of each book the author includes a recipe and a knit pattern.

One of my current works-in-progress is the pattern from her third book, "A Deadly Yarn," it is the, Easy Triangle Shawl. It has been living up to its name. It is easy and it is a great project to pick up anytime I have a few minutes. It has also been another great way to use up a few more yarns in my yarn stash. This time the purple and green yarns are a super soft nylon/acrylic yarn called Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarn. As well as a third purple/green/brown variegated yarn by Ella Rae, called Seasons.

I was not sure when I started if I would like the final product. Though I liked all three separately, I was not so sure when I began using them together. Now two, thirds of the way into the project, I am really starting to like how it looks.
I should have it done just in time for winter to be over and the warmer weather to be here. Although with the way this winter has been going we may have lots of cold weather opportunities remaining.

Many blessings this fine, knitty night.--Kate

If you are interested in the pattern but not looking for a knitting mystery, you can always find it on Ravelry: Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries, A Deadly Yarn.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sloths In The Works

I am experiencing a rare few hours of quiet. The big two are off with their dad, and the baby is taking a nap. During this moment of peace, I am getting some chores done. Laundry, tidying up and a little bit of writing. I am also getting some work done on my baby sloths, who have homes out there waiting for them.

Here is what I have so far. They are quite near completion just need faces and the final construction and then they will be off in the mail. This has been a fun project and I thank all of you who took a few moments to comment. Your babies are on their way.

Many blessings this fine, snooze full afternoon.--Kate

Monday, March 13, 2017

Road Trip Boredom Busters

This past week at MOPS our craft was a few activities to help entertain kids during long road trips. Let me just start by saying there are so many amazing ideas of what to do with kids to help make long trips, (by both air and road,) a more pleasant experience. There are thousands of creative ideas to be found on Pinterest or parenting blogs, just type "Road trip boredom busters."

The most frequently suggested item was an I Spy bottle or bag. We also made a Tic-Tac-Toe board with a lacing snake on the back. The lacing snake is to practice buttoning and the felt pieces can be used on the Tic-Tac-Toe board. The last item is hook and loop tape constructing sticks.
This craft project had a lot of prep work that was done ahead, but it made it so that all three were easy to complete and there was a lot of personalizing involved.

Many blessings this fine night.--Kate