Thursday, March 9, 2017

Using A New Birthday Present for Breakfast

One of the new birthday presents my girl got from her grandparents, was a cookbook for kids, "Cooking Class" by Deanna F. Cook. (Thanks Gram and Gerati!) My two big kids love to help with the cooking, when they can, and my girl always ready to try the most dangerous and challenging steps.

This morning, when trying to decide what we wanted for breakfast, I hear the exclamation, "I know", and out comes the brand new cook book. The recipe choice this morning is crepes. Even though I initially had some concerns since we did not have any thing to use for the filling. We remembered a delicious caramel we purchased at a local Micro Creamery, The Caramel Kitchen. The flavor we used was Pumpkin Spice.
The kids, were able to help with all the steps, except turning the crepe. I think their favorite was cutting the bananas and arranging them on the crepe and then folding the crepes in half. It was a fun and delicious breakfast. The kids did such a great job that we will definitely be turning to this cookbook for future family cooking ideas.

Many blessings this fine and flavor filled day.--Kate

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Long Weekends and Late Nights

Things have gotten a little out of control again. It seems that quite often leading into, (and sometimes out of,) a big event, my ability to carve out time to write is near impossible. The end of last week and through the weekend was focused on my big girl's grand celebrations. The start of this week has been part recovery and part MOPS meeting, craft project prep. So much to preparation in fact, that I did not manage to get to bed last night at a reasonable hour and today I am certainly paying for it.

So here is a glimpse into the project that I will be sharing in my next Monday's MOPS post. For now I need to go and get some sleep.

Many blessings this fine and tired night.--Kate

Monday, March 6, 2017

Birthday Weekend

The past few days have been filled with party prep for my big girl's birthday. Even though she has attended several theme or event parties in the last year she decided that she wanted her standard at home (invite everyone) parties. Which I actually rather enjoy.

Her theme this year was butterflies and rainbows. She had a lot of fun mixing and matching supplies from the party store about a month ago and then on Saturday we discovered a whole birthday theme section at the dollar store and butterflies were one of the themes. We were therefore able to add a lot of lovely little butterfly touches. 
Her birthday cake was made by the mom of one of her friends, Erin Blackburn. Erin makes beautiful (and delicious) cakes professionally. My girl was super excited to "design" her cake, and picked chocolate cake with whip cream and fresh strawberry filling.
The day was a great success, with a house filled with laughing, shouting and playing kids. Lots of good food, awesome presents and fun balloons. I am also continually impressed with my girls ability to spend time with each of her her guests and make all feel welcome and appreciated. Most of the girls at the party are from her dance school, but not all and I did not see any kids being left out. Except for her brothers, who unfortunately got sick over the weekend and were quite slimy come party day. They were quarantined with daddy, away from the party, watching movies and eating party snacks. Though we did have them come down for the presents and to sing Happy Birthday to their sister.
  We are so grateful to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our big girls special day.
Many blessings this fine, post birthday party day.--Kate