Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another Dance Competition

Today my girl had another of her dance competition, this time in the next state over. It was a much smaller competition at a quite large venue. This was the third time they competed and they did amazing, earning lots of awards. Since we were farther from home and there were a lots of dances before the awards ceremony we were able to watch some of the other dances from her studio. It makes me glad we choose the school we did. The senior dancers are amazing, earning tons of top awards, and several of the choreographers also earned awards and accolades for their routines.

She still has two more competitions this season. I am excited to see how they do. Every competition they get better and better.

Many blessings this fine, boogieing  night.--Kate

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pretty Cool Little Town

One of the thing I really like about where I live is that it has a lot of fun opportunities for kids. Our local library has lots of learning and creating programs. One of the gymnastics studios is open to the public for two hours on Mondays and Fridays at a very reasonable price. There are fun and fabulous seasonal festivals and parades and the community center has some really awesome programs and classes. My oldest two just finished their first round of swim lessons there. Which I found to be well taught and reasonably sized and they truly loved, (and can not wait for more.)

As I mentioned previously, this week has been Spring Break. Which does not really mean much to a homeschooling family, except that there are definitely some places to avoid, if you do not like crowds. It also means that the community center really ups their game, with camps and extra programs for kids. This whole week they have been showing movies for free. Yesterday's movie was "Big Hero 6". A movie that we all love as a family and I thought they would enjoy on the big screen. They definitely did, even the baby, until he fell asleep. It was the perfect outing for a soggy day. All in all it has been a very nice "Spring Break."

Many blessings this fine, "Spring" night.--Kate

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two More Projects Done

As predicted I finished the shawl just in time for spring weather. With all the rain it is definitely still cool enough to use it though. As I said when I first posted this project, this pattern is from one of the knitting mystery series that I enjoy reading, Maggie Sefton's, Kelly Flynn Mysteries.This pattern is called Easy Triangle Shawl from "A Deadly Yarn."
I also finished Olivia's pajamas. Of course my girl is already planning what outfit she wants me to work on next.
Many blessings this fine, misty day.--Kate

The sweet boys are feeling a little better.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ill Little Boys

We have had a few quiet days here because the boys have caught a gross tummy virus. This was the best week to get sick, since it is Spring Break and the calendar is open. Poor boys though. It is awful to feel so miserable and to have to miss out on playing and eating.
Wish us luck! Let's hope the girl stays well. She has another dance competition this weekend.

Many blessings this fine, fevered night.--Kate