Friday, February 17, 2017

Can You See Me Now?

We have found the best place to get haircuts. I know that this can be a challenging experience for some. For the first few years of haircuts with the kids I just did them myself. I also have been cutting my own hair for the last 10 or so years. Then just about a year ago we discovered that one of the moms at my daughter's dance school is an instructor at The Beauty Institute. Most of the girls in my daughter's dances got their hair and make-up done there for their pictures and again for the recital. Then this past summer my oldest boy and I went there to get our haircut.

We love this place. It is inexpensive haircuts done by students. Now remember my hair styling needs are not super exacting, considering I was cutting my hair for so long. They do a really great job though. They are fantastic with the kids. With my curly hair they are always grateful for the practice and equally glad that I am not super concerned about the results. Though they truly do a wonderful cut. My daughter does not get much cut, though she would rather be adventurous, because of needing to put her hair up for dance. Every time she goes she still gets the full treatment, hair washed, cut and styled. She really knows how to get the most for the money. It does not hurt that they think she is quite cute.

So here they are, the before and after of the haircuts for the big kids.

Many blessings this fine and hairy day.--Kate

Thought the baby did not get a haircut he is super cute so here are a few of him.

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