Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doing the Dishes.

I feel quite fortunate because my kids actually enjoy doing chores. They frequently ask to help me when I am doing them. I have even heard from their friend's parents that they ask to help with chores when they go over to friends houses to play. (Okay my kids may not be normal.)

They enjoy helping with laundry, particularly sorting colors and finding sock pairs. They love to help cook and are thrilled when they learn a new skill or get to try something on their own. They always want to try pushing the vacuum, though it is still a bit of a challenge for them. They like doing the dishes and I do not mean just splashing in the water. My oldest boy in particular, loves to do the washing and works very hard to make sure that they are sparkly clean. My girl even begs to change her baby brother's diapers, and on occasion I let her do the pee diapers. The only chores I truly struggle to get them to do are picking up their clothes and putting away their toys.
 What chores do you enjoy doing? What chores do you wish you did not have to do?

Many blessings this fine and tidy night.--Kate

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