Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday's Sew up

I have a number of projects that needed some finishing touches to truly be complete. So today I will be sharing a few sewn up project.

First, I decided that my new angora ear warmers needed a little more excitement. So I added a few felt flowers. My daughter was watching me work on it and mentioned that she wished she had one of her own. I happened to have a left over piece big enough so that she now has her own. Her's is the band with the cluster of three flowers. Mine has the pink with long brown stems and the pale blue flower in the middle.

The second project was that my converted mini skirt bag really needed some type of fastener to keep the top flap closed. I had no clear picture in my head until I came across the rhinestone rings. Once I found the little pink flower buttons I knew I was in business. I am now completely and totally in love with my new bag.
The purse had its first big test run today and the closures worked perfectly.

Many blessings on this fine night.--Kate

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